Solar plexus chakra is a pathway of information as it is highly connected to astral body and astral realm. In this plexus the refinement of energies takes places before it travels up from lower chakras. In a way, solar plexus is a filter of ethics, that refines animal instinctive nature of power play and means of survival. It stands for acknowledgement of Oneness in relation to self and individuality. Self love and self acceptance is a gift of balanced solar plexus chakra from which human personality reaches a state of wholeness.

Solar plexus is the part where acknowledgement and refinement of human emotion and blocks of personal power comes into play. These blocks must be transmuted and cleared to reach balance between two energies Ida/Pingala and only then they enter the third state known in Sanskrit as Sushumna.

Solar plexus can be defined as the fourth brain in the human body along with cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla oblongata. It is more related to animal instinctive brain, also gut feeling or gut intuition which receives images from aether.

Mediumship occours here in the solar plexus. This means the access of information, the House of Bread. Bread is the information for our body, incoming stream is ‘bread’ for our system to mentally digest.

Allegorical reference here is that Germ is the Christ that is born in Bethlehem joining two energies Joseph and Mary, male and female. Solar plexus is otherwise known as Bethlehem or House of Bread. Jesus Christ referred to information as ‘bread’ as it is mentally digested.


Oil arrives at the sacral plexus and it awaits for the germination of the seed that occours once a month twelve times a year.

Every month a seed is planted in form of ‘receiving information from astral plane’. It happens for each individual in accordance to the timeframe of 2.5 days when the moon is in the zodiac sign where SUN was at the moment when you where born. The planting of a seed could refer to an information received in our third chakra centre and there combined with holy secretion of Christ oil.

Or it is a reference of reaching an inner balance of energies Ida and Pingala creating a third state known as Sushumna in Sanskrit? Sushumna refers to non-materialistic view on life and full self-acceptance in the very state of being. Modern day concerns of personal power, anger and materialistic values blocks an ability to entering the Sushumna state.

According to Sanskrit teachings, only in the state of Sushumna that could be described as being ‘colourless’, one is able to explore all dimensions of life when you live here. In this state a person is not triggered by outside experience. Despite whatever happens outside, there is a certain space within you which never gets disturbed, that does not let in outside turmoil and situations.

Most of modern day excessive beauty marketing and luxury lifestyle advertising are purposefully targeting our understanding and state of purity solar plexus charka. There is nothing wrong with material world, however, when these expressions are used as means to divide society, creating an emotional stir and blockages, it must be overlooked. This is why elites have targeted collective solar plexus energy so heavily and in many ways using education, culture, marketing and other means.

Christ oil is in the least value in the belly, it must be raised to become of highest value. Once the oil ascends up the spinal cord the vibration of the oil increases.
If we are able to transmute the energies here and reach the state of the germination of the seed, then it is caused to rise further reaching the heart chakra.


As Mantak Chia explains inner alchemy each one of the cells that our body is composed of is directly related to the first original cell located right behind the navel. This cell was born of the meeting of the ovum and sperm of our parents. As long as this cell sends a message of perfection to the DNA of each cell in the body, we are virtually immortal. 

The aspect that our modern day approach at large fails to acknowledge is that body physiology is highly connected to our mental state and inner spiritual journey that takes place in form of shadow work and personal transformation.  Working with inner alchemy can be explained as, when we can recombine the 64 Amino Acids of DNA by following the 64 eternal laws of change represented by ancient I Ching. Our cells are able to get in better touch with more subtle forces (Higher Energy). We do this until we reach the divine spark in the original cell. This process can change our atomic structure (from carbon to silicone ‘crystalline’).

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