Sacred plugin of the 33 vertebrae

Human body is a divine machine that develops itself inside a woman’s womb in a way that, in all honesty, is not fully understood by mainstream science. There is a more to it, and we subconsciously know it in our bones. Exactly that. In our spines.

For higher consciousness to become embodied into reality of matter spinal cord and the brain is the first reference point. Even in physiology of human fetus, by day 28 after conception, the neural tube that later becomes spinal cord and brain, is already fused. It is done. At this stage consciousness is already embodied in this plane and it begins its further development of forming a human body from these codes stored in a spinal nerve.

Human spinal cord is like a tuning fork emanating consciousness into 3D projection

From scientific point of view we are often referencing spinal cord as main skeletal support structure and system for respiratory function, however, there is not much information available on its meta-physical features.

What blocks the spinal cord?

In ancient culture of Mū, spinal cord where seen as this divine plug-in for consciousness and the quality of human experience where dependant on the flow sustained in the channel of ones spine. In our modern world our spinal cords are usually in a state of spiritual block. Nevertheless, we are capable of movements, spiritual flow does not really occur because it is obstructed and stored in human bodies as emotional blocks. These blocks are put there by societal norms (via human interaction, education or process of children socialisation from their care givers), societal constraints and ancestral, spiritual, physical, emotional or psychological trauma that are passed down either actively (by interaction) or passively (by way of inheritance).

As our spinal cords are locked up we are not able to experience full spectrum of consciousness. We face problems plugging in into matrix of magic (or Matrix of The Mother Nature) because we come from environments of survival. Therefore we are wired for struggle, and these predispositions ties us to artificial matrix. The loop gets going by our emotions being triggered and keeping us in a state of perpetual struggle. Awareness of these patterns is first step to free yourself from it.

Only by unlocking our spine and consciously changing our attitudes and ways we experience our environments we are able to step into safety zone. Acknowledging we are not finding ourselves in immediate danger, releases us from unconscious emotions that deprives our life force. Approaching life with this perspective and changing our viewpoint of the environment where we live in, sets us free from victim-scarcity-war culture mindset. A pathway to exiting these states comes with awareness and re-affirmation of your own safety and well being. Most of humans these days live in state of privilege and safety, even if it does feel as discomfort in many ways. However, these times offer us access to choices. Choices of attitude.

Getting back in tune with our bodies and emotions

Spinal cord functions as a sacred antenna that ‘vibrates’ the human tone / frequency into existence, that induces a ‘grouping of matter’ we perceive as our world. It could be seen as very sophisticated tuning fork ringing its tone according to all information that has been encoded into it via the spirit in combination with what is stored within DNA from their parents.

Our collective healing depends on our ability to get back in tune with our bodies and body-mind (seeing our bodies as separate intelligence harnessing our consciousness) as well as full spectrum of our emotions.

Human emotions are the greatest stimulus

and stimulant in our electrical experience.

As they are a pathway and conductor of our voltage. When we react we simply give off our power or voltage. Our reactions can be an actual actions but they can be as subtle as presence, attention or interest of particular things. Our simple focus is what counts as reaction and gives off our voltage or energy. Mindfulness of where and how we conduct our energy is paramount. In our modern day culture we are exposed to multiples of stimulus to capture our energy and diffuse it.

Emotions are not to be escaped. They are to be embraced.
As these emotions are our pathway back to our full power.

Interestingly enough is that exactly those emotions that comes up as the heaviest are the most precious. Diving deep is where you find your pot of gold.