Why is self-love key ingredient to rise Christ oil?

CORE ELEMENT OF LOVE IN ALCHEMICAL FUSION Today’s lifestyle are designed to override our subtle nature, being and feeling in the body. We may have say that this has been done on purpose, that humanity has been purposefully led and pushed into these states. And for generations that has been true, as our ancient pagan […]

Why is darkness important in polarising the Christ Oil?

Aspect of internal union is also expressed in differentiation of Christ oil substance. To attain the third state of Sushumna, divine essence must be first polarised by anointing it with feminine and masculine influence. This process takes place in the brain glands – pineal and pituitary. Allegorically this process is referred in the Bible as […]

Crucifixion of Christ Oil

Part 04 in CHRIST OIL SECRETION AND SACRED BODY REGENERATION CROSSING VAGUS NERVE When Christ oil has reached 5th or throat chakra, it has been purified and holds a higher vibration relatively to that what it was in lower charkas. It is believed that this state of purification is attained by lifestyle choices and mindset that […]

The Organic Mother Matrix vs Artificial Matrix

Priming pattern in Artificial Matrix There are parallel systems we are currently operating in. Naturally humans are born into and belong to the Organic Mother Matrix. This is information is in our DNA and are projected forward from the day we enter this realm. We are deeply connected with Mother Earth and Nature it provides […]

Christ oil is not for cooking!

As the process of illumination currently speeds up on all levels, our fellow humans are waking up to new information that pours into our awareness. One of topics on a rise currently in western socials are Christ oil. Let’s explore that. Do not be fooled by this name, as mysterious and magical it sounds, it […]

Spinal cord is your spiritual antenna

Sacred plugin of the 33 vertebrae Human body is a divine machine that develops itself inside a woman’s womb in a way that, in all honesty, is not fully understood by mainstream science. There is a more to it, and we subconsciously know it in our bones. Exactly that. In our spines. For higher consciousness […]

Plugging Humanity back into The Mother Matrix

NATURE IS OUR REFLECTION, ALLY AND ABODE Traditional human individual today is modern and lost. It is time to shift our perspectives back to where we belong. And where do we belong, you may ask? On Earth, tending to Earth not exploiting the Earth. We are amidst of pivotal moment in human history, we are […]

Balancing Heart Chakra to rise Christ Oil

Part 03 in CHRIST OIL SECRETION AND SACRED BODY REGENERATION PRACTICING GOD Love is most powerful energy of transmutation and therefore most fertile. Its primal place in human body is in the heart chakra that is referred as the merging point of lower and higher dimensions. When the Child of Christ is at the state […]

Christ oil and the Seed in Solar Plexus chakra

Part 02 in CHRIST OIL SECRETION AND BODY REGENERATION RECEIVING INFORMATION IN SOLAR PLEXUS Solar plexus chakra is a pathway of information as it is highly connected to astral body and astral realm. In this plexus the refinement of energies takes places before it travels up from lower chakras. In a way, solar plexus is […]

Christ oil secretion and Sacred process of body regeneration

Part 01 SECRET SECRET(ION). BODY REGENERATION AND MIND TRANSFORMATION IN CULTURES AROUND THE WORLD Human body is a divine machine that is able to regenerate itself. As species we have forgotten to marvel enough on the wonder it hides. Most ancient cultures around the world talk about enlightenment of the mind and body regeneration process. […]