Today’s lifestyle are designed to override our subtle nature, being and feeling in the body. We may have say that this has been done on purpose, that humanity has been purposefully led and pushed into these states. And for generations that has been true, as our ancient pagan societies that led a life worshipping Universal life force (often depicted in female form) were coerced in Christian and other religions over time, ancient lore and understanding were forgotten and substituted for other religious rites and traditions. However, today we live in times that is is only a matter of your personal choice to remember and tap into what was once the power source of ancients. 

In this article we will explore a perspective from a sensual, body-led point of view. As our bodies, as sacred embodiments of Source consciousness are here to harness and express in Divine creation. Only our current collective mindset that is set for busy-ness, pushing-for-result, exploitation of resource as well as exploitation of female principle fails to acknowledge that. 

Patriarchal alchemical traditions which are most prominent at this time and have been for the past five thousand years, often overlook the core element to love in the alchemical fusion of sacred union consciousness. 

Source consciousness as individual expression in each human being is not fixed and impersonal energy of immortality, it is expression of living, breathing embodiment, in-the-body, substance of FEELING and RELATIONAL exchange, that is interconnected, full wildness, passion and kindness. 

To paint a fuller picture on how our collective understanding has shifted from reverence of sacred opposites, we must acknowledge that currently many sacred teachings that aim for enlightenment are still rooted in mindset of exploitation. In patriarchal tantric tradition the emphasis was often (though not always) on using the feminine essence for male purposes. The Master (and where there is a master, there is often a slave) employed his consort, or karma mudra, to experience tantric union for his own benefit. This union was often bereft of personal love, and it was encouraged that an initiate have no personal feelings of love for his consort, in case it ‘got in the way’. This was a devolution from original tantric dakini practices, where the woman was an esteemed womb shaman, teacher-consort, and bride of love. 

We are at a point in our collective consciousness when we welcome back our feminine essence to bloom in full circle, a Sacred Union with the masculine aspect. It happens simultaneously, when divine feminine is reclaiming, remembering herself and rising in her power, her sacred counterpart of divine masculine is also rising and finding himself back to Source consciousness in love. 


In many ancient teachings such as Grail path and early tantric teachings, sacred sexual union can only be experienced by descending deeply into the body and the root, outside of any mental fantasies or astral realms of consciousness. Our body serves as a prima materia for transformation where the process of alchemy takes place. Without being in touch with our own interface, that is our body, the Divine essence can not become embodied into this realm. This is like, our mind, as an observer now serves as a medium to connect the Soul that brings forth God’s essence to merge with molecules and atoms of this 3D density. This is how expansion takes place, with reverence and acceptance of the ‘tools’ present: our body and our divinity. 

When the primordial orgasmic energy ignites and blooms, it can the ascend and spiral out through the body and soul. Union happens within the vast, deep spaciousness of Womb Consciousness. 

The gateway through which cosmic Universal energies are invited and connected to the body is the Womb space, the Heart space and ‘Crystal palace’ represented by brain glands.

With permission to feel (feminine principle) and to grant access to our higher principles to enter and manifest (masculine principle) in the body process of transformation is activated. 

Womb space is a representation of cosmic principle of fertility (the Darkness, the Womb of Mother). This principle is present in both women and men. For women there is a womb space, and for men there is an energetic centre hara that represents the womb principle of fertility. 

Heart space is another gateway and ‘a meeting point’ where energies from below (Womb) and above (Crown) is united in a feeling of love. Heart space ignited in love is a representation and a channel of cosmic principle of love that is this vast majestic cosmic heart space, soft, loving, surrendered, receptive. 

In Taoist teachings ‘the cauldron’ is the spiritual womb where conception takes place. An expression ’to cook the cauldron’ is not to search outwardly for love from others, but to search within the naked and abandoned self. 

Self-love and self-intercourse is the way to give birth to the Immortal Self. The Darkness serves as a medium that manifests the bodily process of healing love cultivated from within. 

There is a chemical state that arises from states of true compassion, self love and sexual arousal creating a new vibration within the body. This special vibration occurs at a frequency of 8 Hz. 

Feeling of love and sexual union manifests within all of body.  As above so below, meaning that if body is in sexual intercourse with self then all the cells and DNA make love as well creating more of Self, hence, the regeneration process takes place. 

Energetically joining of juices takes place within the cell, when energies in DNA crosses over, like two serpents intertwined in an erotic embrace. You need the orgasmic vibration to rise in the body to arouse this crossover process which leads to the ‘two giving birth to three’, the conception of new cells. The two vital states are compassion and arousal leading to orgasm. Both are inextricably linked to love.

There is no control, no tantric technique, no method – only the great relaxation and release of the mind, back down into the heart, into the Womb, into the body.

In this process feeling of self-love serves and conduit that connects the sexual center in Sacral plexus chakra to Pineal gland via the Heart chakra. This connection ensures that new hormones are produced within the brain glands that triggers a chain reaction leading to enabling production of a ‘spirit molecule’. This process is truly only activated being in a state of love for self, unconditional love for others and existence, felt in the body as orgasmic vibration. This process can occur and proceed in the fertile essence of Darkness.

In the environment of complete Darkness body enters an altered brain state that impacts neuro-endocrine system. In this process serotonin converts into a regulatory hormone (melatonin) that shuts down the organ systems, quiet the body processes and initiates the preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher consciousness. 

The whole process of reactions takes place that ignites visions and dream-like state, activating senses and perceptions of the unseen. It is like our awareness expands into the subtler realms and one is able to see and feel more fully. When body reaches a state of excess melatonin production, spirit molecules of 5-MeO-DMT and DMT are produced and states of transcendence, universal love is experienced. 

Making love to yourself in complete Darkness is a way to change body chemistry that it enters a state of regeneration enabling to re-birth and re-new oneself over and over again. 


Being aware of body alchemical process that is only enabled by feeling emotions of full self-acceptance, forgiveness and acceptance of others, is it not difficult to see that many religious practices have been distorted and designed to block out human collective to access their power source that only truly rises in the presence of aroused sexual states. In many religions and traditions female counterpart has been deemed sinful, and expression of sexuality has been condemned. All these influences leads to un-healthy expression of sexuality that further propels judgement and separation. 

An emotional block created by feeling of guilt has been widely manipulated against humanity’s true sensual expression for thousands of years. However, guilt does not belong to original blueprint of our Universe. 

In short, it could be considered as a lack of boundaries within the relationship dynamics at the beginning of Creation. According to Sal Rachele in his book ‘Life on Cutting Edge’, guilt is a form of unconsciousness that was one of the energies that was drawn is from the void, and that was not of original design. It is our recognition and shift in consciousness that releases what does not serve our growth any more. If you are interested more in-depth about this, read ‘Original Cause’ by Four Winds Publications. 

Guilt as such is an emotional block to self-love that leads to non-acceptance of self, feeling shame, and making the self wrong. In our society today it is expressed as judgement, denial of self and unpleasant emotions that we feel guilty to even have. For many individuals feeling of guilt simply makes them blind to see their selves as whole, as feeling of guilt causes to feel shame of those parts of personality and emotions that are ‘less than’ and are ‘deemed unworthy of love’. 

This is an absence of love, that is like a hole in a fabric of love. As our inherit essence as species is of pure love, recognition of ‘holes of guilt’ in our consciousness and expression, and releasing guilt, mending our precious fabric of love back together is an energetic shift that propels us into higher vibration and establishes our being in a new level of merging with Source consciousness of Love fully.  

Even the situation where humanity finds itself today, the dominance over population, is a reflection of guilt within mass consciousness of the people of Earth. It is paramount for each individual to release himself from guilt just by knowing that these emotions arisen from it are not his in the first place. 


Enlightenment may feel like delusion for many people that are consumed in the survival game, however, we cannot deny the fact that there is an inherit urge into each human being that ignites the spark for search. And knowing that this concept of enlightenment is the central theme of all religions, only reveals that we are looking at an invisible elephant in plain sight.

That elephant is your divine essence.

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