Aspect of internal union is also expressed in differentiation of Christ oil substance. To attain the third state of Sushumna, divine essence must be first polarised by anointing it with feminine and masculine influence. This process takes place in the brain glands – pineal and pituitary. Allegorically this process is referred in the Bible as ‘flows of milk and honey’.

In many ancient texts and religious practices there is gender polarity reference that is often confused with external sexual union, making many pagan rituals and teachings sound ‘flesh oriented’ and focusing on lower nature. However, there are more to the meaning of the polarities of masculine and feminine energies. In order for divine essence to express its qualities these polarities must be met internally, meaning, not only these individual qualities must be explored and expressed in the individual’s life as awareness and expressed action, there are also physiological processes that takes place in the body that mimics feminine and masculine energy production in hormonal release. These hormonal processes ensures that human essence, the Christ oil and whole mind-body system is balanced in production of hormones. Pituitary gland is responsible for release of feminine essence, and pineal gland is responsible for release of corresponding masculine counterpart.


In the Bible Heart chakra was know as the midguard is the middle garden. Generative area was know as the Sodom and Gomora, area of animal desire, the world or hell. And then there was the Garden of Eden flowing with milk and honey. Land of milk and honey are masculine and feminine aspects enriching the Christ oil with its qualities. Let’s explore how these aspects influence the qualities of Christ oil.

If the lord is pleased with us,

then he will bring us into this land,

 and give it to us a land which flows with milk and honey. (14-8)

In the bible melatonin is referred to as the living water. 

Streams of living water will flow within him. (John 7-38)

According to Taoist teachings, the sacred waters are the inner fluids that are responsible for producing bone marrow and other bodily fluids. The waters run not only in the centre of the bones, but also in the spinal connections between the Crown and the Perineum Points. 

In Taoist teachings this state refers to physiological processes occurring in the body during first stages of Darkness retreat. During first 1 to 3rd day being completely isolated in darkness, a person retains a child-like biological condition. Melatonin is produced in excess as now it is not wasted for biological continuation. When it works together with the yellow marrow in the bone, the reddish firing reaction will activate the gentle interaction between the sacred water and the light.


Pituitary gland produces hormones oxytocin and vasopressin which are white, milky colour. These hormones heighten feelings of trust peace empathy, reduce feelings of fear, anxiety, aggression. Production of hormone oxytocin is stimulated by pleasant, calm and loving presence and relationships between individual and the world, not only physical contact such as cuddling, kissing, hugging and sexual act can stimulate the production of oxytocin, also individual’s perception of the external world in general impacts the release of this hormone. Positive and loving outlook on world, nature, other fellow humans as well as oneself (self love and body conscious attitude) impacts the hormonal release and overall chemistry of the body. Very often we find ourselves in environments and surrounded by information that does not stimulate calm and peace. Instead there are environmental chaos perpetuated by media, news and events that stimulates fear and anxiety in order to disrupt inner landscapes. It greatly depends on our individual awareness what information we allow inside and how we choose to respond to these irritations.

Vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone) is a hormone secreted by hypothalamus and its release in the bloodstream is distributed by pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for water distribution within the body, blood pressure and cellular function. It regulates circadian rhythm in the body responsible for sleep/wake states.

Similarly to oxytocin production of vasopressin is highly impacted by stress, environmental influence, pain and certain drugs (opiates).


Pineal gland is responsible for release of serotonin and melatonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that acts like a messenger between brain cells and throughout the body. This hormone ensures the function of sleep cycles and mood, wound healing, blood clotting and bone health, and sexual desire. Many of modern day anti-depression drugs disrupts natural release of serotonin, influencing release of melatonin.

Melatonin is released in response to dark, hence the name hormone of darkness. It is also know to protect the organism from oxidative stress decreasing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Dark room therapy is believed to re-set natural production of melatonin, creating harmony within brain, gut and heart.

In the environment of complete Darkness body enters an altered brain state that impacts neuro-endocrine system. In this process serotonin converts into a regulatory hormone (melatonin) that shuts down the organ systems, quiet the body processes and initiates the preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher consciousness.

The amino acid tryptophan in a diet is important for production of tryptamine synthesis. That serves as a precursor for serotonin, melatonin, pinoline, 5-MeO-DMT and DMT molecules. These substances such as DMT are present in the body during birth, death and, also, in the dream-state.

They are serving as a connecting substance between seen and unseen realms that opens pathways to Universal knowledge and self- awareness at large igniting visions and transcendental states of being.  

As mentioned earlier, today’s environments of constant over-stimulation and stress disrupts natural release of hormones therefore influencing the proper polarised- anointing of Christ oil by these brain glands. Our current daily environments does not work in our favour. Stress, un-natural light, lack of sunlight as well as complete dark environments during sleep, as well as excessive practice of anti-depressants and other drugs in Western world has high influence of subtle machinery of hormone release. Conscious approach, awareness and discernment of each individual lifestyle choice we make are crucial if we are on a path of self development and quest of sacred regeneration.


There is a different approach in Taoist teachings that the pineal as Yang, is balanced by hypothalamus, the Yin. Taoists regard this point as the main switch for the Universal Force. When spirit awakens it resides in hypothalamus. When pineal and hypothalamus are connected, they radiate powerful and balanced force. By focusing on this center and picturing the seven stars of the Big Dipper, the constellation’s energy is accessed, and that emanates from the crown as a ray of red light.



Throughout times ancient cultures practiced inner alchemy in places that were suitable for complete concealment of light to enter. Such places were popular in Europe as special wells that descended into the ground with spiral staircases, in Israel there were ascension caves used for darkness practice by Essenes. In the Tao the cave Wu San in the Immortal Mountain was a representation of the Perfect Inner Alchemy Chamber.

In ancient Egypt it is said that the Great Pyramid initially served as an ascension chamber. Ascension chambers were used as initiation temples by certain ancient societies. Only those who were sufficiently purified could enter the chamber. However, humans who were not sufficiently purified attempted to enter the chambers and their bodies were burned up instead of transfigured.

As a result, there is dogma that perpetuates to this day, as a long list of rituals and sacrifices were invented by those who did not understand the true meaning of purification.

It is believed that many of the great monuments of Earth history were built by ETs to serve as ascension chambers. This kind of an ascension chamber is a radionics device that steps up the cellular vibration of fourth density humans until the human is able to take on the fifth density light body.

Today Darkness retreats are experiencing its slow revival. With more and more individuals interested in spiritual awakening there are growing interest in the science of body design and technology, where darkness is again viewed as a fertile space and medium for growth and nurturing oneself physiologically and spiritually.

As differentiation and polarisation is crucial for anointing the Christ oil, darkness retreats are crucial aspect of the whole process in accessing higher realms of awareness.

It is exactly in the darkness when body technology and hormone secretion can occur sufficiently producing right amount of hormones that initiates cascades of inner alchemical processes. To read more about aspect of self-love in order to rise Christ oil, read the next article here.


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