As the process of illumination currently speeds up on all levels, our fellow humans are waking up to new information that pours into our awareness. One of topics on a rise currently in western socials are Christ oil. Let’s explore that.

Do not be fooled by this name, as mysterious and magical it sounds, it has already been discussed in various religions long before even the term ‘Christ oil’ arrived. However, collectively we have reached a point when our perceptions of this concept is deepening as well as our ability to apply this knowledge. It is just about time.


Christ oil is cerebral spinal fluid in its purified, balanced state of homeostasis. Christ oil or Chrism that is a literal reference to Christ/God abiding in human body. Christos /Χρίστος/ in Greek means ‘anointed’. It is also referred to as the prana/aether or esse. It is an energy that brings life to the body. In Sanskrit this substance is referred as Sushumna, the third state created when balance between polarising energies Ida and Pingala is reached. Sushumna refers to non-materialistic view on life and full self-acceptance in the very state of being. Modern day concerns of personal power, anger and materialistic values blocks an ability to entering the Sushumna state.

Christ oil is cerebral spinal fluid in its purified, balanced state of homeostasis.

What comes as a downside in todays view of human body and mind relationship is that we are thought and primed to see body and mind as separate entities. Even in our modern day medical system there is a doctor for every system of the body, however, there are very few that can actually see the whole picture. Those doctors are usually referred to as ‘holistic’ and approaching health from ‘non-traditional’ side. If we think about it for a minute, this attitude instilled in our medical society is somewhat highly inaccurate. And serves there as a means of confusion. If we know everything is connected to everything else, our body is no exception.


Looking at a word ‘holistic’ its definition would be: a system where no part is explicable without referencing the whole.

In human mind-body ecosystem that would mean that every part of the body is equally as important as every expression (sensation or emotion) could be defined as a pathway to a deeper story told by this system. Listening to our system and knowledge it holds is a whole another story we will discuss bit later.

What therm ‘holistic human’ also holds is that is stands for individual’s androgyny. It is a state of masculine and feminine balance in ones personality and expression of it. Both characteristics are crucial for homeostasis in human mind-body ecosystem to occur. If could be seen this what that regardless of one’s gender there are feminine qualities that are crucial for inner nourishment, resourcefulness and development. Our feminine side is the one that defines our boundaries and preferences, access to our dreams and intuition. On the contrary to common belief, it is our inner feminine that is responsible for our safety.

There are masculine qualities that are parts of our personality that defines our action, willpower, active expression, speech and voice. Both of these qualities are important to become sufficient in our daily lives. Feminine is the one that has access to our inner core, masculine is the one that has ability to harness these qualities out in the social plane.


We are only fully operational and sufficient when we access both polarities equally. When we play no favourites and when we are aware that both energies that ‘keeps the wheel turning’. Here are two short examples to bring awareness into this topic:

Balanced state of inner androgyny. In a state of homeostasis we cultivate access to both polarities in equal measure. This is a state when we can deepen our sensitivity to our body, we become better at feeling and reflecting on processes that happen in our mind-body system. Feminine ability of ‘full feeling’ is an access point of full awareness. It is foundational in our process of personal purification. Our feminine counterpart is responsible for taking care of our inner garden. Knowing that what we plant in our inner landscape will reflect in our outer reality is paramount yet not well understood. Common efforts are usually towards fixing the outer reality when, in fact, going inwards and sweeping the floors and watering the plants is going to give most results. Feminine is tending to our inner landscape. Mastering this act is when we are able to tend to our feminine in deep self-reflective love.
When we are rooted deeply in our inner landscape there is natural urge to express outwards. This urge of taking action is expression of our inner masculine. It governs our ability to lead, to take responsibility for our desires, dreams and basic duties to be fulfilled. Masculine counterpart of our personality can be seen as the active one, bringing tangible results. What is crucial here, is to acknowledge that also to this part there is an expression of love here. Taking full responsibility for our actions in the outer world is how we express love. It is owning who we are and what we do. It is loving our expression even then if we are the only ones loving it. Inter-connectedness between both expressions of inner feminine and masculine here is so important because only the values that are nourished in our inner world will be strong enough to withstand the resistance of outer world.

Here is also a short example of imbalanced states.

If our inner feminine is not fully in charge, we often find ourselves detached from our core energy and may be acting on impulse that are not fully grounded in our deep interest and desire. It is impulsiveness, it is escapism, it is running away from our feelings and not being able to rest nor emotionally, nor physically. These states may lead to abuse of substances.

On the contrary, when our masculine side is imbalanced there are struggle to take action and bring our desired outcome to fulfillment. We struggle to be seen and contribute to society, express our will and views. We may find ourselves dwelling into our dreamstates for too long. These states may come with apathy, loneliness and confusion.


State of ‘anointed’ can only be reached when our mind-body system reaches a state of homeostasis. Hindu cultures refers to this as a state of dyhana or a state of practising reverence for God. In more ‘common sense’ it can also be viewed as a state of circulating energy and taking care of one’s body.

However, there is a Godly or, we could say, magical aspect in this practice. As much as we live in society that loves to reference everything to science we must rise in awareness that common science is not un-corrupted. Someone spoonfeeds our focus. We are collectively obscured from seeing the mechanics of magic we yet not understand. If you find yourself sceptical and your logical sense fires reading this, maybe refer to it as science of body-mind mechanics yet to be explored.

Happy homeostasis!