Priming pattern in Artificial Matrix

There are parallel systems we are currently operating in. Naturally humans are born into and belong to the Organic Mother Matrix. This is information is in our DNA and are projected forward from the day we enter this realm. We are deeply connected with Mother Earth and Nature it provides for us, and with one deeply interconnected with one another.
However, there are entities that are clever enough to put programs in place for humans to pass over to Artificial Matrix. As early as before even being born. It has been done for thousands of years and is done persistently to this day. There is great care put into harvesting our focus in order to capture our energy. What are these systems and how they operate?


In our essence we are a flow of consciousness residing in a human body that, in this life and expression, has entered the realm of ‘world’ as we know it. Seemingly forgetful of ‘how and why we got here’. There is a great willpower of humanity to strive and WORK tirelessly. We are used to spinning wheels many consider a norm. However, this is not a natural state of human existence.

There is a long list of priming a human for being ‘a work bee’ as well as being responsive to triggers and release ones energy. To name a few priming tools there are:

– Birth care and medical intervention before or at birth;
– Conventional childcare and education
– Work culture
– Marketing and competition culture
– Television, mass media and movies
– Social evironments and lifestyle culture
– Substance abuse promotion
– Restrictions of substance practice that brings insight
– Religions
– Food and culture of nourishment
– Frequency emissions
– Environmental pollution

What is instilled in human nature by these tools are sense of separation and perpetual cultivation of stress. Fear based strategies are one of most used tools by governmental structures. Setting external triggers to gain emotional response and use it to act as a wayshower at the mean time, harvesting energy. This last part is done in seeming secrecy or are obscured by humanities own disbelief in acts that are done in plain sight.

Most of religious teachings has been compromised and ‘hijacked’ by ruling class to morph human emotional response in a beneficial way for the ruling entity. There are a great part of truth in most religions that is usually written in symbols or code as well as in plain text, however, most of religions are mixed with hints of negative intent. Without being aware of these compilations that layers truths and inversions an individual is not able become sovereign.

Our emotional patterns stir in patterns that are usually left without awareness and this is why Artificial Matrix is able to thrive. There are great deal of population that is either ignorant to these concepts, or, when exposed to them, are struck by denial and sets of ego-protection mechanisms.

In the same time those same religions and self care setups reflected in them provide a great deal of information how to deal with negative impact we are targeted daily. Some of modalities that provide ways of rising awareness like Dhyana or Bhakti practice in Hinduism, ancient scriptures of tantra, or just a basic meditation and observation practice. Less popular and pure understanding are reflected in teachings by indigenous tribes such as Sioux Indians and other tribes residing in North America, ancient Hawai’ian teachings sourced in Mū culture or ancient culture of Inkas or Mayan Toltec calendar. As all these cultures were at the time overthrown by colonising rulers’ religion and therefore not widely practiced for centuries, hence, their teachings and message has remained relatively untouched by priming influence and modifications to serve the Artificial Matrix. Therefore these cultures serve as an aid to access purer concentration of ancient wisdom.


Bible on its own is a great source of knowledge and communion symbolisms, however, it is one of most inverted of popular teachings. For anyone who walks a path in awareness, there is an ability of discernment and internal intuition mechanism that links us to our higher understanding and binds us with The Organic Mother Matrix.

Sin and body shaming are strong tools instilled in human consciousness that has been further harnessed to other governmental forms and ideas such as totalitarian regime. There are remnants of trauma from past times in large part of population that are perpetuated by modern body-cult via beauty magazines and fashion industry standards. All these aspects that seemingly are culturally beautiful and are considered ethical are rooted in old trauma response to distorted understanding and perception of our own bodies and sexuality. Feelings such as shame (body shaming self or other) and guilt instilled in human minds by these primers leads to feeling of separation. And what is separated can be manipulated further down the path or competition and marketing of mass market. Therefore, indirectly but inevitably it promotes next levels of separation in form of greed.


What if Bible would reveal that human body is a gift? Then it would guide its followers towards the Organic Mother Matrix. Interestingly, that cultures affected by Christianity are one of the greediest (sorry to admit this) with most economies based in promoting capitalism. A great example are European colonizers entering lands of America. When they arrived they found native indigenous tribes living in harmony and natural balance yet not so technically advanced. Despite natives being more spiritually advanced, Europeans tamed them and ‘helped’ them to excel.

Human body is a soul’s vehicle and design tool to navigate in this hologram interface. Not only it has vivid imagination and creativity to transmute energy, it anchors us in this realm and connects us with all else there is. On Earth human body is a great asset as it is able to exist trough all dimensions from high to very dense. Connected to God to walk in even in hell. When our natural process of childhood development are not interrupted by Artificial priming, human naturally feels connected to The Mother Matrix.

This is why, for example, in ancient Egypt human placenta or ‘Ka’ was deeply honoured as it was revered as individual’s spiritual double and connection port to Mother Earth. More so, in archaic Mū culture when viewing human spine as an tool of embodiment, there are a name for each of 33 vertebrae. The first, bottom one that grounds a human experience is named ‘Ka’. This reference brings an insight how our language refers embodiment and grounding that is expressed as human body hologram.

Without shaming our bodies and living in a state of acceptance and appreciation there is a whole different vibration of self and sovereign freedom. More so, it shifts the view of how we see others and are able to accept them with comparison and competition. In very essence, this acceptance alone promotes feeling of connectedness and belonging.

This sense that grounds us to The Mother Earth and connects with each other also eliminate a need for external gratification and external compensation to fill sense of emptiness. Shifting these attitudes alone makes an individual more self aware and less easy to be manipulated as human brain is wired more sufficiently when one is in a state of acceptance, self-love and calm.

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