Traditional human individual today is modern and lost. It is time to shift our perspectives back to where we belong. And where do we belong, you may ask? On Earth, tending to Earth not exploiting the Earth. We are amidst of pivotal moment in human history, we are landing in our own hearts to be found again.

Traditional human individual today is modern and lost.

It is time to shift our perspectives back to where we belong.

In traditional cultures around the world Nature is portrayed as an ally. There is a profound relationship between human and Nature to be restored. Elemental bodies we see around us reflect the state of our inner landscapes. Water is a library of collective memory. There is this understanding in the ancient culture around the world that water bodies around us reflect the state of our inner waters and their connection in interchangeable. Changing ourselves reflects in a human body and inner transformations occouring within an individual can cause a shift in the external. What is the purity of your inner waters that defines our external circumstance? Look out your window.


For those who aim to evolve and hop on a train of regeneration with the Mother Earth there is a path to follow. We are to recognize our inter-connectedness with Nature, and not only that, it is also recognition of our Oneness as a collective.
In a book ‘Human on a Wave’ of Light, 2012 there is a reference from divine communion that ‘when we finally recognize our Oneness and when we are able to reach a state of Oneness in our minds fully human collective will ring like a bell‘. At the moment our collective song is not of harmonious one, nor with Mother Nature, nor with one another. Acknowledgement is the first step, accepting what is the second. And only from there we create a change.

What we aim is to find connection with our inner realms that establishes our existence into this plane as fundamental. Our recognition of the rat race and stopping in our trails are about to become a collective process.

Ever so often in our traditional educational system ‘human’ is observed as a separate from nature. The way we learn and place ourselves mentally in the ecosystem is a hoax. And it is a well designed hoax. There is an underlaying reason for that. When humanity is separated from the Mother Nature it loses its natural environment for thriving. The modern human is thought to thrive in the big city and climb the ladder of career, power and success. However, are there many individuals that truly examine the perspective offered by this external gratification way of life?
For so many this is seen as the only way to succeed and self-actualise while in reality there are so much more to offer. And that happens only when we remove ourselves physically and mentally from collective hamster wheel we are all turning so well to realise alternate realities hidden in plain sight. Stopping in our trails, refining our senses to see, hear and feel we embody a new way of being into the world.

Before the process of worldwide colonisation ancient cultures practiced a completely different way of life. And here again, our modern understanding has already been primed to refer to these times as primal and uneducated. However, there are so many alternative sources confirming our history is not as we are collectively thought to believe. There is much more sophistication, and both technological and mental advancement to it. The history of humankind is much longer that we know, but in the past there were cultures that knew a completely alternate way of being in the world and this world involved understanding of our inherit placement in the ecosystem. It evolved from and around the processes led by Nature.


In ancient cultures such as Mū (currently having its succession in Hawa’ii culture); Native North American indian; or ancient African cultures, or ancient Indo-European pagan culture (currently in succession in Baltic, Celtic, Hindu, Buddhism) and others, there are profound connection with Nature. Countless deities are expressions with various functions, hierarchy and aspects leading human collective trough life cycles in everyday life, rituals of rites of passage. These natural forces and elementals are expressed as deities and gods communing with human, leading the way. Trough ritual, song, chant, dance and offering humans communicated and ensured energy exchange with the divine.

Interestingly enough, nowadays, we chase the money owned by banks and a great deal of human collective believes solely in power of governments, order established by law and economical stability as a fundament for thriving. Meanwhile, collective scarcity mindset is a trend. Collective perception of resources are greatly distorted as it is believed that resources are finite, we are running out of them, and there is never enough. On a physical sense it is more than true, as industrialization and mindset of exploitation is tearing Earth apart as well as polluting it. However, what we see and are able to perceive and receive from matter around us are far beyond our understanding of tangible, physical realm. Keys to opening up to more that we know lay in ability to think beyond.

What moves these energies between realms and spaces?

It is only the change in our collective perception that will allow us to shift our understanding of energy work and infinite nature of resources. Once we tap into alternate kind of understanding it reveals it to ourselves.

And the simplest way to remember it is to walk back into Nature with elevated sense of awareness and heightened senses of perception. And dedication to re-connect. This is where we meet.

Nature is not mute; it is man who is deaf.

– Terence McKenna

There is sidenote to this: when we will be able to tap into infinite resource of energy, there no longer will be this insatiable feeling to replenish.


We are intrinsic part of nature. Our ancestors had found a way to be a part of the Natures’ ecosystem. They did it with a song, chant and dance. There is a feeling we are just waking up to this profound knowledge of holy communion and infinite potentials that are spread all across the space around us. That is dependant on our intelligence and choice to tap back in.

Contribution to natural cycles is not a choice. Humans responsibility is calling in shifting of seasons. Bringing human back in into the Natures ecosystem re-establishes natural harmony on Earth.We are shepards of walking the ancient knowledge back into this realm.

/Lanakila Mangauil & Kaleinohea Cleghorn Teachings of Ha’ialono Chant

Conscious human being in full awareness can be described as living conductor and Axis Mundi embodying its purpose here on Earth. Creating sacred sound of chant, song and dance, reverberating in gratitude and love, and filling the space with our conscious presence is the essence of being into Nature. And the essence of just being.

As we are able to transmute energies with our choice of action, we are also able to interfere with energies in a negative way. Collectively our current action is at a discourse and is causing much damage. It feels like we are at our last moments of waking up in our awareness to be able to take our shoes of and stand on grounds with bare feet.

Establishing Axis Mundi

Sun is electric. Earth is magnetic.
We are electromagnetic.
When we sing, pray and meditate
We are a conductor that connects
Heaven & Earth
This is our purpose

/via Kaleinohea Cleghorn

Song and chant is the only natural resource humans can produce without taking anything away from something else.

/ Lanakila Mangauil

There are multiple resources from people all over the world that are bringing forth our ancient understanding and igniting remembrance to the collective. One particularly valuable for many at the moment would be an ability to re-establish internal emotional intelligence within.

Here are few valuable resources to explore:

Divine emotional intelligence presented by Pohala Hawai’ian Botanicals / Ke’oni Hanalei

Pohala Hawai’ian Botanicals Podcast

Learning art of ancient chant of Hawai’i by Kaleinohea Cleghorn & Lanakila Mangauil

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