Love is most powerful energy of transmutation and therefore most fertile. Its primal place in human body is in the heart chakra that is referred as the merging point of lower and higher dimensions.

When the Child of Christ is at the state of germination it rises up to Heart chakra to be nourished in love.

This type of nourishment is best explained in Yoga teachings where it is referred to as a state of practising Dhyana.

Dhyana is a way practising reverence and honouring towards Source Consciousness / God in ones continuos daily ritual as life being a sacred ceremony. This state of mind could be described as practical meditative yet sacred states that includes:

01 Yama – abstainig from violence, falsehood, theft, sensory over activity, and acquisitiveness

02 practicing purity, contentment, austerity, study of scriptures, and surrendering to a higher principle (Niyama)

03 Practicing asanas while concentration on a particular principle (e.g. infinite void) is recommended. Purpose of practising asanas are blood, lymphatic, chi, and pranic flow circulation in the body.

04 Pranayama breathing facilitating chi, and pranic flow in the body. One should be in a state of dharana (one pointed attention).

05 Pratyahara is stopping the flow of information from outside by turning the mind inward.

06 Dharana is maintaining a single focus in the mind’s eye.

The details of these steps are explained in many books dealing with the aphorisms of Sage Patanjali.

When practising Dhyana all the senses are quiet, only the mind is active. Mind is focused on its origin and its resting place, that could be referred to as being in the ‘centre of the being’. It would be similar to a state of awareness but with senses deactivated.
The symbolic lotus bud in the heart is usually turned downward; this lotus bud turns upward and opens when practices such as japa and prarthana are carried out. Thus, japa (repetition of a sacred formula) and prarthana (intense dedication) are the necessary prerequisites for dhyana.

Reverence for God and feeling ONE with God in the practice Dhyana is fundamental, as this state for refinement of Christ oil could be described more as ‘a child that feels one with the Mother’. At the heart chakra Mother energy is grounded into unconditional love for all that is. It is also known as state of Bhakti where one dissolves self in love for God and existance itself.

From physiological perspective dwelling in emotion of love is crucial for maintaining release of hormones that stimulates nourishment such as oxytocin and vasopressin. Cardiac plexus is plexus of nerves at the base of the heart. It emotionally is linked with love, and it assists the thymus gland in training and development of t-lymphocytes or t-cells extremely important type of white blood cells. This is why ability to feel love protects you as it increases the barrier of immunity defence.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4-23

On the contrary excessive production of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine cause brain damage and problems in all other parts of the body as these hormones activate and feed viruses residing dormant in the body. This is why it is paramount to be peaceful, calm and forgiving.