Human body is a divine machine that is able to regenerate itself. As species we have forgotten to marvel enough on the wonder it hides.

Most ancient cultures around the world talk about enlightenment of the mind and body regeneration process. Each is expressing the very same truth but via various sybolisms and codes. As if this is something that cannot be told in a simple manner. Most likely it is not, because what this process entails is great deal of individualization and interpretation. No two paths are alike.

On one hand, this information has been obscured from general public for various reasons, main of which is for governing purposes. It is just simpler to heard primed sheeps not the wild ones. On the other hand, especially in modern day, it is our own ignorance or choice for being busy with other things. Yet, humanity secretly are searching for means to stay young. La Mer, botox, Pharma, modern medical system… good business.

In Christianity it is Christ oil or ‘anointing the head’ if we refer to Jesus teachings. In Hindu and Budhism it is the bosom of Lotus flower that ‘blooms with thousand petals’, in ancient Mū doctorines it is referred as the ‘uncreation of self to access super-consciousness’.

Referencing Christ oil is a western approach to same old teachings just from a different angle. Giving a scientific or medically insightful aspect along with spiritual or subtle realms this broadens our pathway to connecting with this knowledge. And for some it may be a good way to approach this. Same old knowledge of ‘Know Thyself’.

In this article we break down the process of refinement of Christ oil that is a process that allows not only to reach a state of physical regeneration; creation of new blood cells as well as activation of dormant brain cells but it describes a process where one reaches a state of divine illumination. Besides of human endeavoured practicalities, considering realities of grand illusion, is it the untold narrow path for everyone to meet God face to face in the first place?


This is the first article in the series of exploration BODY TECHNOLOGY.

Note: The information in this article, however, is incomplete and rises questions that you will find attached. Use your own discernment and let’s explore together.

Secretion of Christ oil is a process occuring in human brain. Claustrum signals the production of the secretion know as Christ oil or Chrism that is a literal reference to Christ/God abiding in human body. Christos /Χρίστος/ in Greek means ‘anointed’. It is also reffered to as the prana/aether or esse. It is an energy that brings life to the body.

The question is: is all spinal fluid considered the Christ oil or only the part of it or stage of it that reaches the anointed state?

According to Santos Bonacci, this secretion is the secret and the sacrum is the sacred part of the secret.

As for you the anointing oil which you received from him abides in you,
and you have no need for anyone to teach you,
but as his anointing teaches you about all things
and it is true and it is not a lie
you abide in him.
John 2-27

First of all, the oil is differentiated in the pineal glad and it the pituitary gland before it is sent down the spinal cord. The pineal gland defines the electric portion; pituitary gland defines the magnetic portion. This process creates bioelectromagnetism, dividing subtle part of Christ energies in two polarities:

Pineal gland defines male type of energy known as Pingala.
Pituitary gland defines female type of energy known as Ida.

Claustrum is a thin neurone sheet in the middle of the brain that is highly connected to other parts of the brain. Science defines its function as enigmatic meaning ‘mysterious, difficult to interpret or understand’. In latin it is referred as: hidden enclosed space. Neuroscientist Francis Crik believed the claustrum is a seat of human consciousness in the human body.

Our regular scientific perspective has agreed on therms that the brain’s claustrum receives, amplifies, and broadcasts an ‘Internet network’ required to complete complex cognitive tasks. Interestingly, Claustrum activates when human performs difficult task while when operating with ordinary tasks it remains dormant.

Christ oil flows down the spinal cord reaching the sacral plexus which is next to sacrum or sacral bone. Sacral bone is a part of 5 lower most fused vertebrae bones above the coccyx.

Christ oil is in the least value in the belly, it must be raised to become of highest value. Once the oil ascends up the spinal cord the vibration of the oil increases. This process can only be achieved if there are no blockages in chakra centres.

Sacrum is referred as the sacred chalice where subtle energy descends to be raised back up while being purified and transmuted on the way. That is mental, emotional as well as physiological process that has been referred to and discribed in various cultures such as Ancient Egyptians, Hinduism, Christianity etc. Ancients knew this technology our bodies are able to perform therefore they revered it and honoured it. In modern day societies this knowledge is usually overlooked or ignored in favour to more ‘practical practicalities’ of life such as ‘making a living’.

We need to broaden our perspective to be able to step off the hamster wheel and plug back in into field of love, abundance and Godly fulfilment that is the hidden basis of ‘the chase of the human race’. This process could be described as plugging in into an alternate matrix, the original blueprint, the Matrix of The Mother.


Let’s break down the process in steps below and from here there is a hyperlink to follow it more in depth:

01 Christ oil is produced in the brain but it is yet to get anointed by travelling down and back up the spinal cord.

02 Christ oil flows down to to pelvis area where it reaches sacral plexus located in sacrum or sacral bone. READ MORE HERE

03 Christ oil travels back up reaching solar plexus, the third chakra where it awaits the germination of the seed. The question is: Is this the place where anointing happens via the mediumship that occours in third charka, receiving information?

04 Christ oil travels up to Heart Chakra where it is nourished in love. READ MORE HERE

05 Christ oil reaches Throat chakra where it crosses the vagus nerve. Is this the place where Crucifixion takes place, and Christ oil remains dormant for 2.5 days. CONTINUE HERE

06 Reaching the Optic Thalamus the oil it is magnified 1000 fold. Blood and brain regeneration and more takes place.


But let me tell you, the road is long. But interesting.

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This article were inspired by teachings:

Santos Bonacci