We live in unprecedented times!

Living the days finalising the ‘work of ages’. Can you feel it?

If you are on a path of ascension and personal growth, learning your innate energy patterns according to Mayan Calendar system may tell you a lot about what you are meant to do on Earth. 

Yes, this is the same mystical Mayan Calendar who predicted the End on Time…. but there was a bigger picture behind it and someone figured it out (it wasn’t me, I’m just his student who learned how to read it!).

It turned out we are all weaved in this GRAND SCHEME of time and space.

Our own energy and all of our RELATIONSHIPS as well…

To find out YOUR PLACE, PURPOSE and RELATION in time and space according to Mayan Sacred calendar system, continue below. 


Mayan Sacred Calendar system is an ancient compass that provides access to energy realm. 

It is highly intelligent energy system that has both material and emotional charge to it, almost like a living, breathing entity..

But for those who prefers explanations in science and logic, Mayan Calendar is both, a highly sophisticated mathematical system and an energetic reference point. It’s precision is famous world wide as this is that same one Mayan Calendar that predicted the End of Time.. 

Interestingly enough, Mayan Calendar system actually was pointing to a change in how we view time.

Big time.

In 2013, we entered a new cycle of evolutionary changes that even in the digit form showed us the basic principle of Mayan Calendar system that is 20 x 13 = 260 days cycle. These cycles of 260 days refer to 9 months or original time of development for human beings. How do we know that? First 9 months we spend in mother’s womb. 

As Mayan Calendar represents organic time blueprint when each developmental stage of human adds to the spiral of life in cycles of 9 months.

Authentic knowledge held by Ixil Kiche masters claim that humans living in accordance to the flow of time are able to evolve 6 times faster than individuals not being aware of the nature of organic flow of time.

As Mayan Calendar represents organic time blueprint when each developmental stage of human adds to the spiral of life in cycles of 9 months.

Mayan Sacred Calendar is composed of 20 energy aspects or nawales that represents Supreme Source Creator or God. Each human operates a set of 13 energies. This set is represented by 13-day ‘wave’. We refer to it as a wave in time because every human in the ‘maya’ or illusion embodies this time continuum and operates with it daily.

As we are currently entering time when knowledge of frequency prevails over tangible matter, our knowledge of these topics becomes more and more of a basic skill and necessity.


Each individual harnesses the energy of the day he/she was born into. Their signature nawale. It is like underlying blueprint or signature energy.

It influences the nature of our relationships, choices and expression. Basis of its description is composed of 2 multiple elements, however, here we will look at some for starters to intruduce you into this energy tool.

Nawale describes the nature of the energy. This is the poetic part that is both deeply symbolic and mystical in nature.

Key describes the nature of interaction, relations and application of energy. This part is based in mathematics and numerology.

When we look at how matter develops in time, Mayan system provides two strands: matter and emotion. It means that how we form matter around us is highly influenced by how we direct our voltage. 

Humans are unique and powerful in their ability to feel emotions. Usually we forget that every emotion we feel is informing us of the power of our voltage. 

Therefore, our ability to transform our negative feeling emotions into positive feelings are what we are here to do. We got 100% of our power, it only depends if the way we feel, express it and direct it is either  positively or negatively charged.  There are many modalities in shifting energy. Mayan Calendar here is a tool where you explore how this voltage is stored in your field of being. To work and play fully we must understand ourselves fully. 

In Delfos, Greece, where the infamous Delfi oracle resides, above the entrance there are two words embossed into stone.

‘Know Thyself’.

You know what to do. 

Mayan Sacred Calendar system is an ancient compass that provides access to energy realm. It is  both, a mathematical system and an energetic reference pattern.


We are all energy beings. We are born INTO flow of time. This energy becomes our signature energy we harness forward in our lives. Knowing HOW YOUR ENERGY moves in the world you gain conscious access to your HIGHEST potential and expression.

Mayan Sacred Calendar system gives ability to constructively manage all 13 energies that encompass your being. Each person gains access to a set of these energies at the moment of birth. It even gives a clear indication on your personal and work relationships showing connections what each person is here to teach you! Knowing this we are able to lead our relationships with more insight and fulfilment.

Mayan Sacred Calendar system gives ability to constructively manage all 13 energies that encompass your being.


For centuries Mayan Calendar has been veiled in mystery and even today, there are many versions and translations of this sacred source of knowledge. And we know, that it may be that many paths lead to one same Truth.

To clarify here, this description here are provided by way of ancient Toltec tradition. Its translator, teacher and shaman Ivo Puriņš spent a decade decoding Mayan Calendar system while travelling ancient lands and learning directly from multiple tribes, descendants of Aztec priests and keepers of this wisdom.

Knowledge provided here are approved by Ixil Quiché masters in its authenticity to harness the element of truth to those who seek this knowledge.

More so, those who have followed this wisdom and uses Mayan Sacred system in their modern day lives (including myself) have seen the authenticity in these energies and patterns.

Unseen to most of people but so tangible and present in our daily lives, actions and interactions, these energies are a blueprint of playing with this maya (MĀYĀ in Sanskrit means ‘illusion/magic’).

Our ability to remember the past defines our ability to navigate the future. Life unfolds in spiral nature and layout of Mayan Time system is a proof of that!

Thank you for your interest in Mayan Sacred Calendar system and ancient knowledge!

Our ability to remember the past defines our ability to navigate the future. Life unfolds in spiral nature and layout of Mayan Time system is a proof of that!

If you wish to expand this exploration, deepen your knowledge of self or need help and inspiration in navigating these times and moving forward, feel free to explore how Mayan Sacred Calendar system can work for your wellbeing and development! See below.


Interested in self-evolution? Great! Because evolution is interested in YOU, too!

Here are 3 frameworks currently offered for exploration via Mayan Sacred Calendar system:


This is your signature map that describes innate values, tendencies, motivators and embedded purpose on how an individual operates and what is here to fullfill in this lifetime. It is fully focused on self exploration, self definition and inspiration that comes from knowing your ‘cards in the deck’. 

In YOUR MAYAN 13 DAY WAVE BLUEPRINT personalised reading for you we look at:

Signature energy or key nawale 

Characteristics and 13 energy pattern of your being

What is your benefactor energy

What is your motivator energy

What is your talent or field of work you are here to do

What is your energy of strength,  stability and prosperity

What is your accelerator energy

How energy patterns move trough the days and how this can work in your favour.

After this reading you will have clear and fresh perspective of what your place is in the world here and now. Likely there are similarities with contemporary astrology, however, Mayan System is so ancient is has not been compromised by human distortion. It offers a pure spectrum. 

If in need for clear and coherent guidance into realm of self, this is the path. 

If you choose a Zoom 1:1 session (recomended) your energy and inspiration levels will spike, guaranteed. Not because there is something boosted or fake about this. But because every person’s blueprint has its brilliant voltage we are here to decipher and share. Only by indicating our strenghts we then better know how to transmute what must be alchemised. You know that, right? We get to explore full spectrum.

1 hour long 1:1 Zoom session 75 USD

also offered in written form (PDF via e-mail) 55 USD


This type of module is an energy alchemy in accordance with the calendar – it shows how prevelent energies of the day are working at your favour to move things and get on in your life with more ease, confidence and unseen support. 

It works for breaking old programming and patterns, as well as starting new projects that require more effort than usual. 

Mayan Sacred Calendar system translates energy of each day. When we are aware of the energy we know how to interact with it. Energy alchemy when assisted with the energies of the Calendar becomes highly effective. This modality is useful when setting new intentions and plans, wanting to re-structure our inner reality and let go of old patterns and belief systems.

It is claimed by those living in accordance with Mayan Calendar energy system that it is possible to evolve 6 times faster that living without an awareness of daily energy pattern…

Explore and discern for yourself. This is offered in a format of written PDF (manual sent to you via e-mail) 40 USD; or working through this template together via 1 hour long 1:1 Zoom session / 75 USD/Paypal.


This is the best type of reading if you want to look at relationship setting.

Our innate wave 13 energy sets reveals a lot about the nature of our relationships with others.

There are many things we can change, but there are energies that are put in place prior our birth. Being aware of these energies and combinations we can become more aware of lessons and blessings that our relationships bring.

Many questions become clear when approaching relationships via this modality. This works for personal and work relationships as well.

Relationship Awareness module  is offered via 1.5 hour 1:1 Zoom session. During this time we can look at 2-3 connections. What is needed from you are DOB (day/month/year) for each person you want to explore your relationship with. 

Energy exchange to explore 2 relationship connections / 110 USD. Energy exchange to explore 3 connections / 150 USD.


My name is Sabine M Berzina. And I am a spiritual intuitive with in depth knowledge in ancient cultures, symbology, numerology, quantum physics and body technology.

I have been working with Mayan Sacred Calendar system 2019 after completion of transmission by my teacher, shaman and decoder of Mayan System Ivo Puriņš who’s translations of Mayan Sacred Calendar system is approved by original Ixil Quiché masters. They have authorised his teachings to be spread in the world to rise awareness, moral and ethical way of being that benefits all of existence. 

And so it is.